One day in May this thought came up in my mind and refused to leave: what if I start my own jewelry brand? So long story short here we are – Mizza Jewelry.

I always find it hard to speak about my work. Or feelings. Maybe because they both involve parts of me that are vulnerable. And we don’t like that, right? People thinking that we’re vulnerable. Like it’s something bad. But that’s what makes us human so here’s my real story.

You’ll ask Why “Mizza” & why the octopus logo? That’s a symbol for a nickname my dad gave to me when I was little: ”mita-caracatita”. Most of my best projects didn’t rise up from pink clouds. My dad died when I was 19 and I didn’t understand why this happened to me. I was angry. I was closed off. I distanced myself from people. And that’s okay. I needed that. It was a long journey. Little did I know, but I allowed myself to feel. Not only the happy-happy-joy-joy parts, but the ugly stuff too. Sadness, grief, anger, loneliness, triggers, the stuff we don’t like to talk about. All that in order to finally heal and restore my soul. Not gonna lie, I also had a bunch of amazing people around me. Teaching or guiding me through it all.

Now? Never felt better. Adamantine. It means unbreakable. And I owe that to my dad, he made me this way. That’s the story behind the name, now here’s another one. Since I was a little girl I was a jewelry junkie. My mom used to wear pearls and other fancy things – she would never let me play with them ‘cause I had a bad reputation of breaking stuff. So when I grew up I caught myself collecting jewelry pieces. Earrings are my guilty pleasure.

Jewelry…so many details. I’m all about details. I love those little things that count. Sunsets. The sea. So powerful. The way its waves calm your soul or how she lures you in her currents. There’s a cheesy quote saying that the first name you’re thinking about when you’re watching the sea is the person that you truly love. Whose name is on your mind? Anyway, you get the point. Details. They can tell you a lot about people. And I hope you’ll have the curiosity to seek them when you’re wearing Mizza Jewelry.